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infinity plus singles

Short stories: read in a single sitting at lunch or in the evening, explore unfamiliar authors, take a chance ... try a single!

Remember the days when we all bought vinyl 45s, singles, and if we liked them enough went on and bought the LP? Here's a set of literary singles, a genre fiction hit parade: each volume a complete short story. And if you like it enough, why not go on and buy more from that author?

Ordered by series number

One Step Closer One Step Closer by Iain Rowan
Life jumps the rails, runs away from you and there's no catching it up. Winner of the Derringer Award for best short crime story. (...more)
A tender, erotic tale about the conquest of grief and a fantasy of the highest order, from a multiple award-winning author. (...more)
The Time-Lapsed Man The Time-Lapsed Man by Eric Brown
Classic short science fiction, and winner of the 1988 Interzone poll for best story of the year. (...more)
Head Shots Head Shots by Keith Brooke
What if the paparazzi could read their targets' minds? Contemporary SF from an author described by Locus as belonging in "the recognized front ranks of SF writers". (...more)
Old Soldiers Old Soldiers by Kit Reed
In the room across the hall the old soldier shouts, just as he has done for years... And behind her, something in the shadows stirs. (...more)
The Life Business The Life Business by John Grant
A powerful story of the human facility to falsify history, against the backdrop of the beginnings of the late-20th-century troubles in Northern Ireland. (...more)
The Bone Flute The Bone Flute by Lisa Tuttle
A planet where love once experienced can never die. Nebula Award-winning fiction. (...more)
Death as art. Powerful and clever science fiction from the two times winner of the BSFA short story award. (...more)
Playmate Playmate by Kit Reed
The little boy next door is just so good. In fact, he's pretty much perfect. (...more)
Picking Blueberries Picking Blueberries by Anna Tambour
A powerfully evocative portrait of an alternative community in the early 1970s. (...more)
Jurassic and the Great Tree Jurassic and the Great Tree by Keith Brooke
Only one man may come. And so we three are here, riding in the body of one. (...more)
The Euonymist The Euonymist by Neil Williamson
A rich and rewarding read from a stylish new Scottish talent (World Fantasy Award-winner Jeff VanderMeer). (...more)
The Sculptor The Sculptor by Garry Kilworth
Cunning and elegant short fiction, a winner of the Interzone readers' poll for best story of the year. (...more)
Lizard Lust Lizard Lust by Lisa Tuttle
An ordinary woman is torn from her normal life and thrust into a weird alternate reality where the power to structure relationships, and even to travel between worlds, resides in the living bodies of small green lizards. (...more)
The last thing Tim Thornbourne expected was for his new orchard to become a cooperative venture... (...more)
The wives spent every day by the pool – this was where the men had left them, after all. (...more)
Understand the one you hate. What did the old Chinese man smoke? He smoked his enemy... (...more)
Somehow the story of his past has been written all wrong. A superbly measured fantasy about loss, and sorrow, and the pain of dealing with past passions. (...more)
Closet Dreams Closet Dreams by Lisa Tuttle
Something terrible happened to me when I was a little girl... (...more)
Fear of Widths Fear of Widths by David D Levine
The horizon. How could he have forgotten the horizon? Mind-bending fiction from a Hugo-winning author. (...more)