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The final book in the Conjuror Girl trilogy, a most peculiar adventure through a fantastical alternative fin de siècle Britain where the darkest creations are those that come from within. (...more)
ISBN: 9798778411647
Book two in the Conjuror Girl trilogy, a most peculiar adventure through a fantastical alternative fin de siècle Britain where the darkest creations are those that come from within. (...more)
ISBN: 9798770124996
A most peculiar adventure through a fantastical alternative fin de siècle Britain where the darkest creations are those that come from within. (...more)
ISBN: 9798759486374
A new collection from 'Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre' (New Scientist). A lone grey wolf wanders the North Canadian plains knowing that as soon as his dark secret is discovered he will either be torn to pieces or ostracised again. (...more)
ISBN: 9798712561063
Midway Midway by Tony Ballantyne
Written on the road between the past and the future, a writer explores his relationship with his dying father. Literature, fantasy and science fiction come together in this unique and very personal piece. (...more)
ISBN: 9798670868549
The Conscientious Objector The Conscientious Objector by Stephen Palmer
1914. With the outbreak of war on the Continent, Erasmus Darwin finds himself on the Western Front: frightened, appalled, and alone apart from a few pals who don't understand his pacifism. Soon however he finds himself entangled in a secret mission the like of which has never been attempted, one which stretches his pacifism to the limit... (...more)
ISBN: 1673919359
The Autist The Autist by Stephen Palmer
In 2100 life is dominated by vast, unknowable AIs that run most of the world and transform every society they touch. When suspicions of a Chinese conspiracy seem substantiated, a data detective, a rebel monk, and a carer and her profoundly disabled brother decide they must oppose it. Yet in doing so they find themselves facing something the world has never seen before... (...more)
ISBN: 1795806745
Tommy Catkins Tommy Catkins by Stephen Palmer
1915: Following a horrific experience at Verdun, Private Tommy Catkins is sent to a mysterious island hospital in Wiltshire, where he is subjected to the primitive treatments of the era. But the island appears to be a portal to the enigmatic land of Onderwater... Will Tommy be tempted, or will the love of Nurse Vann pull him back to reality, and recovery? (...more)
ISBN: 0995752265
The Spacetime Pit Plus Two The Spacetime Pit Plus Two by Stephen Baxter and Eric Brown
Collects three collaborative stories by two of science fiction's finest writers. Never before published in one volume, the triptych showcases the authors' ability to create narratives on a vast scale, and yet never to lose sight of the all-important human element. (...more)
ISBN: 0995752257
A collection of short stories penned in and around Garry Kilworth's time in Hong Kong, split half-and-half into general fiction and supernatural tales. All were inspired by the people and places of that magical effervescent city, not forgetting its surrounding mountains and countryside, and the myriad islands that come within its sphere. (...more)
ISBN: 0995752249
Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales by Garry Kilworth
A collection of stories that span some 20 years, from "arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre" (New Scientist). The stories cover a variety of themes and are more different, in style as well as content, than they are similar. (...more)
ISBN: 0995752230
From the totally not bestselling author of Crandolin (shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award), an extraordinary and moving novel that confronts and defies boundaries. "Anna Tambour is an example of one." - Ben Peek (...more)
ISBN: 0995752214
Microcosms: Forty-Two stories Microcosms: Forty-Two stories by Tony Ballantyne and Eric Brown
Philip K. Dick Award nominated writers Tony Ballantyne and Eric Brown bring together forty-two fantastical short-short stories, featuring new takes on every SF trope from alien invasion, robots, and time-travel, to stellar exploration, the future of computing, and the nature of the human soul. (...more)
ISBN: 0995752206
Can Erasmus and Roka overcome the fiendish defences of the Factory? Will the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden stop them, or will Sir Tantalus himself step in? Who will learn the Factory's terrible secrets? The final part of a breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever. (...more)
ISBN: 1676182241
Stories from the back of the brain. A vast array of brilliant and sometimes puzzling pieces of prose from "Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre" (New Scientist). (...more)
ISBN: 154069271X
In which unstoppable time meets immoveable space... A headlong romp through time and space from an author whose "...enthralling writing transforms myths into reality" (SFX). (...more)
ISBN: 154069237X
One More Unfortunate One More Unfortunate by Kaitlin Queen
Relentlessly drawn back to a circle of old friends and enemies, Nick Redpath has all kinds of issues to deal with. But first he must prove that he didn't murder his old flame, Geraldine Wyse... (...more)
ISBN: 1470068273
With the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden on their trail and Sir Tantalus Blackmore's crooked men closing in, Kora and her friend Erasmus Darwin must survive from day to day and try to uncover the monstrous plots surrounding them. A breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever. (...more)
ISBN: 1670692124
A girl with two souls and a father who will stop at nothing, gets drawn into a breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever. (...more)
ISBN: 1710466243
The Quarantined City The Quarantined City by James Everington
The Quarantined City: sealed off from the outside world, with only the sight of the ocean to remind its inhabitants of life beyond. But for Fellows life continues largely as before, until he tracks down a story by the reclusive writer known as Boursier and his old certainties fade as he becomes aware that the secrets of the city run deeper than he thinks... (...more)
ISBN: 1533255660
No Grave For A Fox No Grave For A Fox by Stephen Palmer
The story of a couple of itinerant street musicians, a mysterious Japanese dog, an enigmatic nexus wizard, and a nexus revolution that threatens to cover Africa, and perhaps the whole world. A fast-paced, philosophical thriller that takes the reader across the globe through a post-oil world of danger, surprise and possibility. (...more)
ISBN: 1519390874
In the 22nd century the aether is a telepathic cyberspace, biochips augment human brains and AIs, concepts, even symbols can be dangerous. (...more)
ISBN: 1519391862
A Restless Wind A Restless Wind by Shahrukh Husain
After ten years as a Muslim in Britain, human rights lawyer Zara Hamilton finally seeks the answers to questions that have haunted her. When she returns to Qila, her world is shatteringly different, her aristocratic family mired in complications and far-right politics on the rise. Amid the unrest, Zara seeks the key to her mother's secret as contemporary resentments clash with a harmonious past. (...more)
ISBN: 1515075699
The Ragthorn The Ragthorn by Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth
"I am placing this entry at the beginning of my edited journal for reasons that will become apparent. Time is very short for me now, the final part of the ritual draws near... I cannot pretend that I am not frightened." A dark and unsettling World Fantasy Award-winning work by Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth. (...more)
ISBN: 1512281255
Beautiful Intelligence Beautiful Intelligence by Stephen Palmer
AI or BI? Artificial intelligence or beautiful intelligence? The race to create a sentient machine is headed by two teams, but with a Japanese chase team close on their heels, will either be successful before they are trapped and caught? A fast-paced, philosophical thriller that confronts questions of how we will create artificial sentience, and whether it will be beautiful. (...more)
ISBN: 1511550627
The Iron Wire The Iron Wire by Garry Kilworth
A young telegrapher travels halfway around the world to help create one of the technological wonders of the Victorian age: the construction of a single galvanised iron wire between Adelaide and Darwin, crossing two thousand miles of wilderness. A novel of human hope and progress in a land where men die, women are widowed, and bushrangers live by the lie and the gun. (...more)
ISBN: 1500779423
Riding the Serpent Riding the Serpent's Back by Keith Brooke
An old era is drawing to a close, a new era about to begin, and the great mage Donn has passed on his Talents to a new generation. When a rogue church leader threatens to set loose wild powers, Donn's children must oppose him but, also, they must contend with Donn himself: the old mage has not finished with his children yet. A fantasy epic of revolution, jealousy and earth-shattering magic. (...more)
ISBN: 1500976466
Rites of Passage Rites of Passage by Eric Brown
Rites of Passage gathers four long stories from a British Science-Fiction Award-winning author. Stories of a Victorian London facing the threat of alien invasion, a strange world where the sun is fixed eternally overhead, the struggle to survive in a near-future post-apocalypse, and a far-future Earth where giant crabs and a swollen sun threaten humanity's very existence. (...more)
ISBN: 1499500319
Fish Eats Lion Fish Eats Lion by Jason Erik Lundberg (editor)
Fish Eats Lion collects the best original speculative fiction from Singapore, from emerging writers publishing their first work to winners of the Singapore Literature Prize and the Cultural Medallion. A celebration of the vibrant creative power underlying Singapore's inventive prose stylists, where what is considered normal and what is strange are blended in fantastic new ways. (...more)
ISBN: 1502984822
The Bone House Gang The Bone House Gang by Nick Gifford
As a TV crew prepares to film the story of the lost prince's tomb, 12-year-old Jools Bone and his new friends Ned, Helen and Billy face a life and death rush to prevent history repeating itself. A dark and wickedly funny story by "the king of children's horror" (Sunday Express). (...more)
ISBN: 1499635397
Hairy London Hairy London by Stephen Palmer
What is love? One evening at the Suicide Club three gentlemen discuss this age-old problem, and thus a wager is made. Dissolute fop Sheremy Pantomile, veteran philosopher Kornukope Wetherbee and down-on-his-luck Velvene Orchardtide all bet their fortunes on finding the answer amidst the dark alleys of a phantasmagorical Edwardian London. But then, overnight, London Town is covered in hair... (...more)
ISBN: 1495995224
Tomorrow Tomorrow by Nick Gifford
Tomorrow: a future only you can see; a future only you can save... Tomorrow: an emotion- and time-tangled thriller set in the War Against Chronological Terror. Tomorrow: when three teenagers may have the power to save or destroy a world that is yet to be. (...more)
ISBN: 1495955257
Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes by Claude Lalumière
Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes: Twenty-five dark stories that span a daring breadth of genres. In these noir tales that unfold at the edge of realism, mythic nocturnes from impossible pasts, and disquietingly intimate stories of speculative fiction, Claude Lalumière explores our collective and intertwined obsessions with sex and death. (...more)
ISBN: 1494461978
Piggies Piggies by Nick Gifford
Transported to a world inhabited by vampires, Ben befriends a girl called Rachel. She takes him to her farm to prove she's not like the other vampires, but that's when he discovers a terrible secret. And why is the book called Piggies? That's the worst horror of all. "Ingenious... this chilling story reads with all the power and demented logic of a thoroughly bad dream." The Independent (...more)
ISBN: 1494360713
Flesh and Blood Flesh and Blood by Nick Gifford
Matt's home life is falling to pieces as his mother seeks refuge from divorce by returning to the seaside town where she grew up. Separated from his friends, bored and discontented, Matt gradually becomes aware that his mother's family are the keepers of a terrifying secret. "Another great teen thriller." Spot On (...more)
ISBN: 1493692143
Like Father Like Father by Nick Gifford
Danny is terrified of being like his father, who ended up in prison after a night of savage violence. But then he finds his father's diary and uncovers his dark thoughts - and even darker secrets. Who was whispering to his father, goading him, leading him on? And what if they are coming back for Danny? "The king of children's horror..."Sunday Express (...more)
ISBN: 1494361221
Erased Erased by Nick Gifford
You're not paranoid if they really are after you. Someone is messing with Liam's world. All the rules have changed and his life has unravelled completely. What he does know is that someone is watching him. There are no bystanders in this terrifying game. "An exciting, fast paced book that will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page." Word Up (...more)
ISBN: 1494363615
There is one city left, and soon that will be gone, for the streets of Kray are crumbling beneath a wave of exotic and lethal vegetation threatening to wipe out the last traces of humanity. In the desperate struggle for survival most Krayans live from day to day, awaiting salvation from their goddesses or the government. A compelling first novel set on a world both deadly and fascinating. (...more)
ISBN: 9798730163720
Strange Mammals Strange Mammals by Jason Erik Lundberg
Strange superheroes and the magic of the quotidian; stories of piercing darkness and quirky, surreal humor; writing from the heart and soul; phantasmagorical journeys into what it means to be human. (...more)
ISBN: 1492363685
The Fabulous Beast The Fabulous Beast by Garry Kilworth
A set of beautifully crafted tales of the imagination from "the best short story writer in any genre" (New Scientist). (...more)
ISBN: 1490339604
Falling Over Falling Over by James Everington
Sometimes when you fall over you don't get up again. And sometimes, you get up to find everything has changed. Ten stories of unease, fear and the weird from James Everington. (...more)
ISBN: 1490339132
Salvage Salvage by Eric Brown
The Salvageman Ed series of linked stories - four of which appear here for the first time - combine action, humour and pathos, from the master of character-based adventure science fiction. (...more)
ISBN: 1490339051
Parallax View Parallax View by Keith Brooke and Eric Brown
Stories that examine the interface between human and alien - a parallax view from two of Britain's top science fiction writers, both shortlisted for the 2013 Philip K Dick Award. (...more)
ISBN: 1481009052
On my way to Samarkand: memoirs of a travelling writer On my way to Samarkand: memoirs of a travelling writer by Garry Kilworth (writing as Garry Douglas Kilworth)
Garry Kilworth's books include SF and fantasy, historical novels, literary novels, story collections, children's books and film novelisations. This autobiography covers family history, travels and his experiences in publishing. 'A master of his trade' (Punch) (...more)
ISBN: 1480208299
Red Dot Irreal Red Dot Irreal by Jason Erik Lundberg
Once you enter the surreal worlds of Lundberg's equatorial fantastika, a part of you will never leave. "A fine meal for the mind awaits you in Lundberg's collection" (Jonathan Carroll) (...more)
ISBN: 1492364894
The Alchemy of Happiness The Alchemy of Happiness by Jason Erik Lundberg
A triptych of stories rooted in Asian myth and legend, literary fantasy at its very best from the author of Red Dot Irreal, plus a hybrid essay on the transformative power of speculative fiction. (...more)
ISBN: 1492379212
Genetopia Genetopia by Keith Brooke
The wilds: a world where genes mutate and migrate between species through plague and fever, but that's where Flint must go... "A minor masterpiece that should usher Brooke at last into the recognized front ranks of SF writers" (Locus) (...more)
ISBN: 1480192406
What happens when every wish you make is immediately granted by God? If you could use the power of music to travel through time? If your body was the battleground for a strange, alien invasion? In turns humorous, lyrical, profound - but always entertaining - these are the haunting tales of an author at the height of his power. (...more)
ISBN: 1480298131
One of Us One of Us by Iain Rowan
Anna fled her own country when the police murdered her brother and her father, but now, in a world of people trafficking, prostitution and murder, she must decide how much she is prepared to give up to be one of us? Shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger award. (...more)
ISBN: 1470075768
Ghostwriting Ghostwriting by Eric Brown
Over the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here. (...more)
ISBN: 147010086X
From cyberpunk visions of post-human futures to traditional tales of alien encounter and time travel, ten science fiction stories from the two times winner of the BSFA short story award. (...more)
ISBN: 1479242047
Nowhere To Go Nowhere To Go by Iain Rowan
Eleven stories of murder, obsession, fear and - sometimes - redemption, from a writer shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers' Association's Debut Dagger award. (...more)
ISBN: 1475127863