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The Love Machine & other contraptions by Nir Yaniv

The Love Machine & other contraptions
The Love Machine & other contraptions

What happens when every wish you make is immediately granted by God? If you could use  the power of music to travel through time? If your body was the battleground for  a strange, alien invasion?

In this, his debut collection in English, Israeli author Nir Yaniv shows his  remarkable versatility, collecting stories from over a decade of writing and a  wide range of the fantastic. In turns humorous, lyrical, profound - but always  entertaining - these are the haunting tales of an author at the height of his  power.

Cover by Liron Ben Arzi

Published: 15 Nov 2012

"In short, this collection of short stories is: outstanding. Buy more copies than one if you give special books to people you respect... I don’t mean 'outstanding' in relation to other books this year, but in relation to any in any." - World Fantasy Award nomineee Anna Tambour

"Each story is a bright flash of odd brilliance... unmissable." - Lavie Tidhar, World Fantasy Award winning author of Osama.

"A fantastic, wonderful, weird story ... Speaks very powerfully to the human spirit." - Strange Horizons, on "Undercity"

"Hypnotic, surreal and prophetic, Nir Yaniv’s “The Dream of the Blue Man” is a story you won’t soon forget." - World Fantasy Award winner Ann VanderMeer

Nir Yaniv

An Israeli writer, editor, musician and filmmaker, based in Tel Aviv. His stories appeared in numerous magazines around the world. For free stories, music, films, clips and whatnot, check out his website:

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