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The Ephemera by Neil Williamson

The Ephemera
The Ephemera

Nothing lasts forever. Everything is ephemeral. Time slips by, people change, happiness is fleeting. Neil Williamson's collection of bittersweet tales features eighteen stories of impermanence: from the ends of love affairs and the brief sanity of wartime convalescence, to the fading away of old languages and the dying of humanity itself. An artist communicates solely through a bizarre mosaic, a father and his dying daughter seek hope in plague-ridden Scotland, a London pensioner's existence is inextricably bound to that of his pet canary, and in the jungles of Borneo a criminal searches for his missing son hoping for reconciliation before the end of the world. This edition includes four bonus stories, including one written specially for this collection, and each story has a newly-written afterword.


Introduction by Hal Duncan
Foreword—A Gallery Of Ephemera
Shine, Alone After The Setting Of The Sun
The Euonymist
The Bone Farmer
The Happy Gang
Amber Rain
Softly Under Glass
Well Tempered
The Apparatus
The Bennie and The Bonobo
A Horse In Drifting Light
Sins of the Father (co-written with Mark Roberts)
Hard To Do
The Codsman and His Willing Shag
Crow's Steps
The Gubbins
The Last Note Of The Song
The One Millionth Smile

Cover by Vincent Chong

Published: 20 Apr 2011

"Emotionally complex and displaying a keen eye for detail, the stories in Neil Williamson's collection The Ephemera are a rich and rewarding read from a stylish new Scottish talent."
– World Fantasy Award-winner Jeff VanderMeer

"Subtle, evocative and compelling, The Ephemera is a collection that shines with reflection and intelligence."
Liz Williams

"Every one of the stories in the book is a gem."
Sci-Fi Online

"Well-crafted, richly textured and utterly absorbing."

"Williamson is one of the best Scottish short story writers alive today... There isn't a poor story here."
– reader review at Smashwords

Neil Williamson

Neil Williamson is a writer and musician from Glasgow, Scotland. His books and short fiction have been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, British Fantasy Award and British Science Fiction Award.

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