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Microcosms: Forty-Two stories by Tony Ballantyne and Eric Brown

Microcosms: Forty-Two stories
Microcosms: Forty-Two stories

Philip K. Dick Award nominated writers Tony Ballantyne and Eric Brown bring together forty-two fantastical short-short stories, featuring new takes on every SF trope from alien invasion, robots, and time-travel, to stellar exploration, the future of computing, and the nature of the human soul.

Tony Ballantyne is the author of the acclaimed Penrose hard SF novels, Twisted Metal and Blood and Iron, as well as the groundbreaking and surreal fantasy novels Dream London and Dream Paris.

Eric Brown has written many SF and crime novels including The Kings of Eternity, Kethani, and The Serene Invasion.

Together they are a hundred years old.

"Eric Brown spins a terrific yarn" - SFX

"This is as strange and unclassifiable a novel as it's possible to imagine, and a marvellous achievement." - Financial Times on Tony Ballantyne's Dream London

"British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful" - New Scientist on Eric Brown

"A new British star has arrived to join the likes of Hamilton, Reynolds and Banks." - Vector on Tony Ballantyne

Cover by chepko

Published: 23 Mar 2017

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