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 Jack Neck and the Worry Bird
a short story by Paul Di Filippo

Sorry but this story was only available in infinity plus for a limited period and was removed on 17 February 2001.

The story will be reprinted in infinity plus one, a print anthology derived from this site featuring work by Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Swanwick, Mary Gentle, Michael Bishop and others. infinity plus one is published by PS Publishing, summer 2001.

PS Publishing can be contacted at:
98 High Ash Drive, Leeds LS17 8RE, England
or on the web at


story © Paul Di Filippo 1998, 2000
"Jack Neck and the Worry Bird" was first published in Science Fiction Age, July 1998.

The story was inspired by the paintings of Chris Mars.
For more information, contact Chris Mars, PO Box 24631, Edina, MN 55424.

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