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"Early in 1983, I wrote letters to over a hundred of the greatest living science-fiction authors, inviting them to select and introduce the very best sf story they had ever written, or their favorite of their own stories, or the story which they felt was most representative of their work in the genre."

This is how Josh Pachter introduced his 1984 anthology, Top Science Fiction -- a fine volume and one of the inspirations behind infinity plus.

This is the contents listing of Top Science Fiction:

  • Brian W Aldiss "All the World's Tears"
  • Isaac Asimov "The Last Question"
  • Alfred Bester "The Men Who Murdered Mohammed"
  • Ben Bova "A Small Kindness"
  • Ray Bradbury "There Will Come Soft Rains"
  • John Brunner "The Totally Rich"
  • L Sprague de Camp "Internal Combustion"
  • Terry Carr "Hop-Friend"
  • Arthur C Clarke "Transit of Earth"
  • Jack Dann "Going Under"
  • Alan Dean Foster "Why Johnny Can't Speed"
  • Harry Harrison "Rescue Operation"
  • Ursula K Le Guin "Mazes"
  • Fritz Leiber "Endfray of the Ofay"
  • Barry N Malzberg "A Galaxy Called Rome"
  • Anne McCaffrey "The Ship Who Sang"
  • Larry Niven "The Green Marauder"
  • Doris Piserchia "A Typical Day"
  • Frederik Pohl "Day Million"
  • Robert Silverberg "Capricorn Games"
  • Brian Stableford "The Engineer and the Executioner"
  • A E van Vogt "Film Library"
  • Jack Williamson "The Cosmic Express"
  • Connie Willis "Daisy, in the Sun"
  • Gene Wolfe "In Looking-Glass Castle"

A small number of copies of Top Science Fiction and its companion volume, Top Fantasy are still available for purchase direct from the editor.

Anyone who missed these books the first time around and wants to own them now should contact Josh via his website. He'll be happy to provide a price list and payment instructions - and to autograph the books on request.


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