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Keith Brooke

"Who's Keith Brooke?"

Born 1966, I grew up in Harwich, an east coast port in Essex, England. Spent my teens birdwatching, playing truant, playing lead guitar in third rate rock bands, reading Heinlein, Asimov, Wyndham, King, etc. Went to university in Norwich to study ecology; ended up studying environmental politics, meteorology, economics, anthropology, planning, and social sciences. And reading Gibson, Shepard, McEwan, Greene, Sterling, etc, etc.

"But who is Keith Brooke?"

I have four children: George (born 1991), Molly (born 1993), Edward and Daisy (both 1995). I live in Wivenhoe with Debbie.

"Come on: answer the question. Who is this guy?"

He's also Nick Gifford.

"But what does this guy do?"

I used to design and develop multimedia learning materials, but now I'm Web and Learning Technology Manager at the University of Essex. I write science fiction and fantasy. I have a PhD and I lecture on science fiction and creative writing. I scare children under another name. I run infinity plus. When I find the time I still do a little birdwatching. I believe passionately in equality, sustainability and, sort of, well ... you know ... fuzzy-minded, well-meaning liberal politics.

"But --"

And that's enough about me.

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