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Kay Kenyon

I grew up in a family of idealists who believed that the world should be a better place than it actually is. This is a dangerous belief, and got me into a lot trouble eventually, including writing science fiction.

We were the only left-wing family in Duluth Minnesota, or so it seemed. Although we lived in a tenement next to a nun's convent, kitty corner from a synagogue and one block from the First Presbyterian Church, this spiritual environment had little effect on my parents, who were staunch atheists. Despite this, they were generally loved in the neighborhood. Our kitchen table was a meeting place for working-class folks including the local priest who liked talking politics with my father and sharing a bottle of whiskey.

My father was a handsome, fiery speaker who once ran for governor of Wisconsin on the Socialist Labor Party ticket. When my friends were reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I was reading Mark Twain. After that came Sinclair Lewis and Sartre. It wasn't a bad life, but it was pretty serious. My mother was a depression-era woman who could make ends meet no matter how little we had. My sister and I just wanted to listen to rock and roll and have a normal life, and that was not to be. To rebel, I joined the First Presbyterian church. Every Sunday my parents gave me a few coins for the collection box, and cheerfully sent me on my way, while no doubt hoping that their upbringing hadn't been in vain. The church stuff didn't last long, but it made me feel more like other kids.

After I started writing science fiction, I cared less about fitting in. Ironically, that was when I found a community where I did fit, that loose and unruly congress of sf/f writers and fans. Thank goodness for that.

Until I started writing science fiction (beginning with my novel, The Seeds of Time) I had several aborted careers, including bartending, copywriting for radio and TV, voicing commercials, modeling, and urban planning. It all made sense at the time -- although in retrospect I wish I had started writing earlier.

My fifth novel, Maximum Ice was short-listed for the 2002 Phillip K. Dick Award, and my sixth book, The Braided World was nominated for the John W. Campbell award in 2004. My short stories are listed on my web page,

I live in Wenatchee, Washington in the high desert side of the state, wedged between the Columbia River and the Cascade Mountains.

Bright of the Sky by  Kay Kenyon The Braided World by  Kay Kenyon
Maximum Ice by  Kay KenyonTropic of Creation by  Kay Kenyon
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