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Every couple of weeks or so we add something substantial to infinity plus -- a story or novel extract, an interview, a nonfiction feature. You can see a list of the most recent additions on our home page.

A growing number of readers use our updates mailing list to keep informed about recent additions. Every four to eight weeks list members receive a newsletter by e-mail, telling them about new stories and features and other site news.

Interested? The service is free -- just send a blank e-mail to and you will be added to the list. Alternatively, use this form:

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The updates list uses Yahoo's Groups service and the only postings you will receive from the list are those sent by the owners of infinity plus.

To see previous updates newsletters take a look at the mailing list archive at Yahoo.

June 2004 note: the mailing list has been quiet for a few months, I'm afraid, as a result of pressure on my time, but I'll get it going again at some point. Sorry about this!

Privacy and data protection

We're nice people, here at infinity plus. We would never share your information with anyone else. When you join the mailing list your name and e-address will be stored by Yahoo for the purposes of the list, and we will only use the list to pass on news relating to infinity plus. We certainly won't flood you with e-mails, but if, at any time, you wish to stop receiving our news, you can unsubscribe by sending a blank e-mail to

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