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infinite press

Back in 2010 I started infinity plus books with five of my own short story collections – partly as a learning exercise and partly because I genuinely had no idea whether this new-fangled ebook thing would ever catch on. It made sense to experiment with my own material before roping in any other authors.

Things have moved on. Now it's the norm for authors to take a mixed portfolio approach to publishing. We still like to publish our big commercial books with the mainstream presses; nobody can rival their expertise or distribution, but also indie publishing and self-publishing have become legitimate parts of a writer's approach, and I pursue this on several fronts. So that I don't swamp infinity plus with my own work, I adopted the label infinite press for my non-infinity plus, self-published work, and also for a few projects from other authors. Most of these infinite press titles have previously been published in competitive commercial markets, but in future I might use it for other work.

And so, here we are...

Keith Brooke

A Dinosaur Ate My Socks A Dinosaur Ate My Socks by Eric Brown
A fast-paced adventure about time-travel and monsters... (...more)
Fire Bug Fire Bug by Eric Brown
What goes wrong when Danny tries to make his life go right... (...more)
A Monster Ate My Marmite A Monster Ate My Marmite by Eric Brown
Another fun adventure in time with Mouse and Millie and their alien friend. (...more)
Race Against Time Race Against Time by Eric Brown
A story about racism and intolerance in a future that might just come to pass... (...more)
Crazy Love Crazy Love by Eric Brown
The hard-hitting story of Trish Green - and how she grew up in the course of one week. (...more)
Guilty? Guilty? by Eric Brown
The story of a terrible crime and what happened next. (...more)
Revenge Revenge by Eric Brown
The dark side of the glamorous world of a professional footballer... (...more)
The Bone House Gang The Bone House Gang by Nick Gifford
As a TV crew prepares to film the story of the lost prince's tomb, 12-year-old Jools Bone and his new friends Ned, Helen and Billy face a life and death rush to prevent history repeating itself. A dark and wickedly funny story by "the king of children's horror" (Sunday Express). (...more)
Ebook: Amazon US - Amazon UK
Print (ISBN: 1499635397): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Tomorrow Tomorrow by Nick Gifford
Tomorrow: a future only you can see; a future only you can save... Tomorrow: an emotion- and time-tangled thriller set in the War Against Chronological Terror. Tomorrow: when three teenagers may have the power to save or destroy a world that is yet to be. (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1495955257): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Piggies Piggies by Nick Gifford
Transported to a world inhabited by vampires, Ben befriends a girl called Rachel. She takes him to her farm to prove she's not like the other vampires, but that's when he discovers a terrible secret. And why is the book called Piggies? That's the worst horror of all. "Ingenious... this chilling story reads with all the power and demented logic of a thoroughly bad dream." The Independent (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1494360713): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Flesh and Blood Flesh and Blood by Nick Gifford
Matt's home life is falling to pieces as his mother seeks refuge from divorce by returning to the seaside town where she grew up. Separated from his friends, bored and discontented, Matt gradually becomes aware that his mother's family are the keepers of a terrifying secret. "Another great teen thriller." Spot On (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1493692143): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Like Father Like Father by Nick Gifford
Danny is terrified of being like his father, who ended up in prison after a night of savage violence. But then he finds his father's diary and uncovers his dark thoughts - and even darker secrets. Who was whispering to his father, goading him, leading him on? And what if they are coming back for Danny? "The king of children's horror..."Sunday Express (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1494361221): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Erased Erased by Nick Gifford
You're not paranoid if they really are after you. Someone is messing with Liam's world. All the rules have changed and his life has unravelled completely. What he does know is that someone is watching him. There are no bystanders in this terrifying game. "An exciting, fast paced book that will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page." Word Up (...more)
Ebook: Amazon US - Amazon UK - Barnes and Noble - Kobo - Apple - Smashwords
Print (ISBN: 1494363615): Amazon US - Amazon UK
A gripping post-apocalypse story of two brothers struggling to survive in a Britain devastated by biological warfare, from the author of the bestselling vampire novel Piggies. (...more)
The People of the Sea The People of the Sea by Keith Brooke
Until he found the mermaid it had been a normal day for Joseph Wheatley... An alternate history SF novelette from the writer of the Philp K Dick Award-shortlisted Harmony, an author "in the recognized front ranks of SF writers" (Locus). (...more)
The Greatest Game of All The Greatest Game of All by Keith Brooke
A story of love and one man's insecurity. And test-tubes. From the writer of the Philp K Dick Award-shortlisted Harmony, an author "in the recognized front ranks of SF writers" (Locus). (...more)
Sweats Sweats by Keith Brooke
A high-tech, near-future cyber-thriller, Sweats showcases the short fiction skills of an author described by Locus as belonging in "the recognized front ranks of SF writers". (...more)
Expatria Expatria by Keith Brooke
The descendants of Expatria's first colonists from Earth have rejected technology. When Mathias Hanrahan joins a team trying to relearn the ancient technologies, against a background of impending war, he discovers that strange messages are coming from space. (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1722826363): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Expatria Incorporated Expatria Incorporated by Keith Brooke
Arrival of the recontact mission from the Holy Corporation of GenGen on the formerly-lost colony world Expatria further complicates an already murderously complex web of religious and political intrigue. For some, it looks like salvation from a backward-looking, superstition-ridden society; for others, it looks suspiciously like an invasion. (...more)
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Print (ISBN: 1722868295): Amazon US - Amazon UK
Queen Bee Queen Bee by Keith Brooke
Most Rhapsodian lifeforms are harmless; many induce hallucinations, euphoria or sheer, irreversible insanity; some are deadly. (...more)
Keepers of the Peace Keepers of the Peace by Keith Brooke
Jed Brindle is an alien. At least, that's what they call him on Earth. He's really a colony-bred soldier - augmented with cyborg implants - with the Extraterran Peacekeeping Force, fighting for control of what used to be the United States. (...more)
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