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Deep Future by Eric Brown

Deep Future
Deep Future

Deep Future collects ten tales of the past, present and future by the award-winning author of the best selling Helix. Whether he's writing about aliens coming to Earth, virtual reality, alternate worlds or immortal men, Brown imbues his fictions with a concern for character and an abiding passion for story.

Meet Edward Sinclair, a man grieving the loss of his daughter, and the scientist who just might be able to bring her back from the dead...

Ben Henderson, a gem-cutter, and what happened one summer on a far-away colony world...

The telepathic Tavernier and his involvement with a strange alien race who will change his life forever...

Claudine Hainault, a schoolgirl who turns her back on the chance to live for ever when the Kethani come to Earth...

And many other humans - and aliens - from the imagination of one of Britain's finest SF writers.

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Cover by Spinning Angel

Published: 23 Sep 2014

Eric Brown

Eric Brown began writing when he was fifteen, while living in Australia, and sold his first short story to Interzone in 1986. He has won the British Science Fiction Award twice for his short stories, has published over forty books, and his work has been translated into sixteen languages. His latest books include the SF novels The Serene Invasion, Satan's Reach, and the crime novel Murder by the Book. He writes a regular science fiction review column for the Guardian newspaper and lives near Dunbar, East Lothian.

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