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Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes by Claude Lalumière

Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes
Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes

Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes: Twenty-five dark stories that span a daring breadth of genres. In these noir tales that unfold at the edge of realism, mythic nocturnes from impossible pasts, and disquietingly intimate stories of speculative fiction, Claude Lalumière explores our collective and intertwined obsessions with sex and death.

Cover by Marc Tessier

Published: 20 Dec 2013

"In Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes Claude Lalumière plumbs the deep trenches of yearning, fear and the agonies of unfulfilled needs." – from the introduction by Garry Kilworth

"Claude Lalumière's stories are dark, mordant, precisely formed." Lucius Shepard

"Lalumière's protagonists exhibit the sorts of yearnings and proclivities that our most respected social institutions teach us to mistrust: erotic energy, artistic mania, idiosyncratic mysticism, impassioned empathy with the natural world." James Morrow

"Claude Lalumière's extravagant imagination is matched by only two other qualities: his compassion for his characters, and his sparkling facility with language." Paul Di Filippo

"Claude Lalumière has a poet's sensibility. He suggests; never overstates." Richard Calder

"Claude Lalumière's stories are delicious." Anna Tambour

"Montreal's own master of fantastic fiction."

"Lalumière's fiction is indeed fueled by a rich inner psychology ... it is potent, memorable stuff." The New York Review of Science Fiction

"Like a series of dreams on a hot night that are over after a too-brief bout of sleep, but that you ponder for days to come... a superb collection." Bloginhood

Claude Lalumière

Claude Lalumière ( is the author of two previous books: the collection Objects of Worship (2009) and the mosaic novella The Door to Lost Pages (2011). He has edited or co-edited twelve anthologies in various genres, including Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic (2003), Lust for Life: Tales of Sex & Love (with Elise Moser; 2006), Tesseracts Twelve: New Novellas of Canadian Fantastic Fiction (2008), Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories (with Camille Alexa; 2013), and Super Stories of Heroes & Villains (2013). With Rupert Bottenberg, he's the co-creator of the multimedia cryptomythology project Lost Myths.

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